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FLUMUXOGEN from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.

More fun stuff Ive been allowed to run with- thrown my way from the mind of David Hughes for OFF THE AIR
Adult Swim

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John Legend – Made to Love

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Realflow for this vid, with the talented crew at Absolute Post

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Kettle One

Ketel One from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.

Did the RealFlow for this Kettle One website launch
interactivity lets you rotate the bottle in the web version- hence all the freeze framing camera moves,
3D and original Comping done at Aurora
Many thanks to them!

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HTC Sensation

Great project made at 1st Ave Machine-
I was on all the Realflow for this one, super fun,
Credit the awesome art direction of Roman Ruetten

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Zow (Cows and Zebras)

ZOW (Cows and Zebras) from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.

made this for OFF THE AIR, heres a link for the full episode if you missed it

Originally shown on Adult Swim, New Years Eve at 4am, think the show had some kids contemplating there existence. Hopefully more shows to come! Also being used for a late night Adult Swim promo bump
Special Thanks to David Hughes at million monkeys inc. for putting the show together
and Atlas Sound for the audiWHOOOAA!

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Derty Falls

Derty Falls from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.

Selects from some background projections for Kid/Codec

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THINGPIT_HD from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.


Cross country bound for more projection delight, keep up on the new photos and video from around the country HERE
say hello n tell me spots in your neighborhood!!


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