I make things, most of the time people don’t ask me to, but I put these things out in the public anyway, sometimes people want me to make things for them and they pay me in schillings, rubels, or decorative cakes to do so. This website is a mix of both. thanks for looking…cakes coming soon

Taras Hrabowsky


  1. Peter C. Jones

    Dear Taras,

    Please contact me:; 212-570-0711

    You kindly installed Eric Payson’s Duraclear transparencies at Pace and i would like to speak with you further.

    Many Thanks,


  2. Awesome demo reel ! Any way I can get a copy to show my school ?? We are doing a project on creative people and this is something I think will blow their minds. You can send either one they both are awesome and this will give me an A !! Most people so far are picking Picasso and normal artist. I’m trying to spin it with people who work with animation. Also, just side note: Under your leave comment section SITE WEB is spelt incorrect.

    Thanks and hope to hear back form you !

  3. Hey Taras.

    the new video is sick.
    congrats on an amazing piece.
    I might have something coming up in the near future.
    I’ll let you know once its lined up.

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